Jill Swanson, the Speaker
Jill has a unique ability to inspire audiences with her valuable advice on how to look and be your best, every day in every way. Her wisdom, coupled with her practical tools for helping others achieve their full potential, is sure to leave a positive lasting impression! Jill offers both corporate motivational speaking and inspirational presentations. Check out her NEW Simply Scarves DVD to revitalize your wardrobe!


  "Jill Swanson is Dynamic, Inspiring and Unforgettable!"


"Jill has an exceptional flair for connecting with people whether speaking to an audience or a client..."
~ Stephanie, Arlington, Tennessee

Jill Swanson, the Image Coach
Jill is a certified image consultant who promises you will look and feel better than ever through:


  Same Day Before   Same Day After

"Jill has the answers to solve fashion confusion, consumerism and closet clutter. People and clothing are her palette. What an artist!"
~ Joy, Rochester, MN
Jill Swanson, the Author
Out the Door in 15 Minutes by Jill Swanson
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Out The Door in 15 Minutes is the magic wand that will transform anyone from 'drab' into 'fab' in a flash.


This book is packed with tips and techniques that will help you recover time in your day, energy in your daily routine, and present a confident image that reflects the true you.

  • Transform your closet
  • Accessorize with ease
  • Master makeup in minutes
  • Create a grab-and-go wardrobe
  • Pack without stress




“Jill Swanson has done it! She delivered on her promise to get us out the door in 15 minutes and shows us how to look better and feel beautiful in the process.”
~ Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Author of Simplify Your Life